Merge is Release

“A small part of me dies on every release” A colleague wrote the above statement on the white board in the war-room today after working close to half a day with an internal release of source code meant for the other dev-teams working on the same project. When it takes almost four hours to do […]

Password Generator – version 1.1.4255

A second release has been made, available on the project web page. Password Generator project page New Features: You can now save settings (pattern and output file) to file for repeated use. Help document can be accessed through the GUI-version.  

Password Generator – First Release

A couple of years back I forgot my password to one of my True Crypt volumes. I remembered approximately what the password was but couldn’t figure out the exact one. In order to help me brute-force my way into the encrypted volume, I wrote a small program to generate all possible combinations from what I […]