.NET Class Libraries: Application Settings, Config-File

I’m getting to a point where my programming limitations (skill-wise) is in the subtleties of different languages and platforms rather than general concepts, algorithms and design. It is a nice feeling to feel proficient in what you do, but oh so frustrating when you stumble on the small exceptions and querks in a langue or […]

GNU Make: Exporting Environment Variables

I’m still learning the finer arts of writing Makefiles. Just this weekend I learned a subtlety when it comes to the export keyword – it doesn’t work within recipes. As it turns out, the export var=value cannot be part of a recipe but must be written in the general area. It took me awhile to […]

Bit Viewer: New Release 1.1.4312

New release of Bit Viewer, the small Windows programs that offer easy conversion between Decimal, Hexadecimal and binary. This new release treats blank strings in the input-boxes as value zero. The program is released under GPL2 and source code as well as executable can be downloaded from the Bit Viewer project page.

Why Using Stdin and Stdout is Not Enough!

I’m constantly amazed at how bad programmers are when it comes to designing good logging and reporting utilities. Hopefully your tool support input from stdin and allows for writing logs or interactions to stdout. If you haven’t gotten that right, I’m not sure what you are doing. But when it comes to report- and logging-formats […]