Remembering the Basics June 4, 2011at20:50

Whenever I find myself with a code design that doesn’t work for me; it might be that the code is hard to test; or it require large rewrites for small changes in functionality; or it simple doesn’t feel right; I most often find that I have deviated from the fundamentals of good code design. As long as I remember the basics, I’m mostly okay.

Robert C. Martin, perhaps better known as Uncle Bob, has popularized a set of design principles through his acronym of acronyms – SOLID. In this technical talk, Martin explains the two first principles hidden in the acronym; Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) and Open-Closed Principle (OCP).

[] – The Principles of Agile Design

If you haven’t heard about the SOLID principles before, this is a must see. Even experiences developers can benefit from this talk. It is never wrong to brush up on the fundamentals by recapping the basics of good code design.

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